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Our company; It has been operating in the automotive spare parts manufacturing and marketing sector for many years.

Inside our product ring; There are construction equipment axles and tie rods, tractor axles and tie rods, truck axles and tie rods and forklift tie rods. Our products; In addition to our country, especially European countries, Africa, It is marketed to 68 countries, including Asian countries, Russian Federation countries and Turkic republics.



Forklift Tie Rod End

Construction Vehicles Tie Rod End

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Tractor Ball Joint

Construction Vehicles Ball Joint

The tie rod is a part that helps the movement coming from the steering wheel reach the wheels of the vehicle.

It is the wheel alignment that allows the wheels to turn in the same direction when the steering wheels are turned in vehicles. The tie rod end is made of steel material. It is attached by screwing to the end of the arm. The tie rod end transmits the movement from the steering gear box to the tie rod, gooseneck and finally to the wheels of the vehicle.

The axle is attached to the hub of the wheel and connects the steering knuckle to the wheels on that vehicle. The axle, also known as the axle, is a metal rod that connects the two ends of the wheel to the chassis of the vehicle. The axle is used to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. The AKS also has a bearing at each end that allows it to rotate. The axle is designed to be strong and durable.